Closing in on Our Goal: Halleluiah!

Joe Writes . . . 

After starting in southern Jackson County during the summer of 2016 and paddling, in fits and starts, all the way to downtown Grand Rapids it is finally reasonable to contemplate the end of our journey. Halleluiah! God willing, we will reach the end of the Grand River some time next week.

If conditions permit we will paddle into Lake Michigan and turn north towards our childhood home –  about a mile up the shore – where our sister now lives. Sister Amy Wisner, brother-in-law Brian and perhaps our wives and a few friends will be waiting for us on the shore, banging on old pots with wooden spoons to celebrate our arrival and the completion of our quest. It might be fun to paddle in as close as the first sandbar and then intentionally swamp the canoe, joyfully immersing ourselves in the restorative waters of our youth. Perhaps we’ll spray each other with cheap bubbly. We shall see.

I intend to broadcast (is that what it’s called?) live from the river on our Length of the Grand Facebook page every day that remains for us on the Grand. The first attempt to share our journey from the river will be on Saturday, August 8, at 11 am Eastern Daylight Savings Time. I’m flying by the seat of my pants here, having never tried Facebook Live before. It will either work or it won’t. Que sera, sera. Join us! Go to Facebook and put Length of the Grand in the search bar, then ‘like’ the page once you find it . . . that should be all it takes and I believe you will receive a notification on Facebook whenever  we go live.

Here’s a brief look back at our journey in photos.

#   #   #

We are glad you found our blog. If you like it, please tell a friend and share it on your social media. We would be delighted if you would leave a comment here, and will respond promptly.  I often end my posts by writing “Please take the river’s side; Industry and Big Ag already have plenty of friends in high places.” During The Great Isolation I will add, “. . . and wear a damn mask!” Be well.

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