Wisconsin: the view from Michigan

(Newswire) Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson said Capitol rioters “love this country” and “would never do anything to break the law” so he wasn’t concerned for his safety on January 6, 2021. Had the rioters been from Black Lives Matter or Antifa, Johnson added, he might have had reason to be concerned.


Northern Naiveté, the View from Michigan

Mississippi, yes.
Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri.
A few other states, too;
but not Wisconsin.
Wisconsin had no truck with
Lester Maddox’s ax handles,
or George Wallace before
his late-life conversion.

Wisconsin is our civil neighbor
across the Big Lake. From here
we board the ferry in Manistee
to reach her shores, or
drive around Chicago
before turning north.
And yes we have foolish
fat militias roaming our woods,
taking guns to protests, planning
to kidnap our governor but
no one takes them seriously;
do they?

Wisconsin is dells and lakes,
cheese and sweet cream,
world-class public universities
and reasonable politics,
conservative farmers balanced
by just enough egg-headed,
union-loving, wild-ass liberals.

God save Wisconsin.
God save us all.

                               – Joseph Neely 2021

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