Saranac to Lowell in Pictures

DSC_1229September 7, 2018

Water Temperature 70 F, Air Temperature 68 F

Joe Writes . . . 

For now I will simply post some photos from a great day on the river. I expect Tom will take up the slack and send me a written entry soon. The coolest thing was the two eagles in a tree; they allowed us to float right underneath their perch without spooking. Enjoy!


A typical view from our canoe, here near to our put-in at Saranac.





A comfy spot to watch the river flow; perhaps we’ll come back here in the next life.


We were glad of the company of our spirit guide this day.


I always take the river’s side; Industry and Big Agriculture have plenty of friends already. Thank you for visiting our blog, please share it with a friend. You may contact us by leaving a comment here or via email: (Joe Neely) or (Tom Neely). 

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1 Response to Saranac to Lowell in Pictures

  1. penncosect24 says:

    All of the photos are wonderful, but I especially love your leading photograph of the great blue heron. Speaking of eagles, I woke Friday morning to a mature bald eagle hunting from the top of our cottonwood. The cat — who had just made her exit outdoors — was as much aware of the eagle as the eagle was of her! They had a face-off of sorts. I focused my camera for a shot, but the eagle was having no part of it and took flight. How lucky you were to get these wonderful photographs!

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