Link to New Blog, Same Writer

I have started a new blog –, also on WordPress – in order to share my poetry. Many of these poems have roots in The Great Isolation of COVID, when I set out to collect poems written 20 years ago and was pleasantly surprised to also find myself writing new poems. I hope you will visit the new blog, follow it if the spirit moves you, and share the blog with those who might also enjoy it.

I am unsure of future plans for our Grand River blog, but I’m not yet ready to take it down. Brother Tom has talked of somehow compiling the posts and I occasionally kick myself for not fleshing out various ideas I have entertained in connection with our journey down the Grand. Speaking of our adventure, I am so glad we completed our journey when we did. Sitting in the canoe for long stretches was hard on 65-year-old knees, and I fear it might have proven impossible for 67-year-old knees.

Looking Back on the Adventure of a Lifetime

Photos from the start to the end of our journey, with various stops along the way.

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