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CHAPTER ONE I parked my car at the curb and the two men sitting on a stoop across the street made me for a cop right away.  That was easy; the only white guys they saw in this neighborhood were … Continue reading

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BABYSITTER MUSIC: (and not one single thing to do with) One Couple’s Journey Through One-Quarter of a Grassfed Cow

Babysitter Music, n., term first used by Thomas M. Neely (Am, b Grand Rapids MI, 1952 –  ) and describing a musical genre consisting of songs which tell a sappy story, often employed by teenaged girls to entertain their charge(s) … Continue reading

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WE DID IT: One couple’s journey through one-quarter of a grassfed cow

Our quarter grassfed cow is almost gone: a few one-pound tubes of ground beef, the brisket and a chuck roast remain.  I’ve got the day off tomorrow and, weather permitting, plan to smoke the brisket all day on the grill … Continue reading

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