August 19, largely photos

Vandercook Lake to Ella Sharp Park

Joe writes . . . 

There is water in the river as a result of 5″ of rain a few days ago.  This was a nice stretch because we had some open water paddling across three lakes in Jackson County (Vandercook, Brown’s and Williams) and the river had a bit more current than our last trip so it felt as if we were, indeed, going downstream at times.  Never bottomed out once today.


The Grand flows through Vandercook Lake, lots of nice homes here.


From Vandercook one goes under this small bridge and into Brown’s Lake to stay on the Grand. Note the clear, clean water here.


Looking back across Brown’s Lake, just before the river goes on to Williams Lake. Clean water, very swimmable.


There are two log homes near the point where the Grand continues on from Brown’s Lake and towards Williams Lake, this being one.  A beautiful spot.


The first real ‘river’ scenery of the day as we leave Brown’s Lake, note there’s even a bit of a current in the water.


It’s as if the Grand is laying a path for us here, between Brown’s Lake and Williams Lake.

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