The River in Winter

 Joe Writes . . . 

Driving across the state from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids and back today, I took the opportunity to check in on the Grand in a few spots, including two areas we canoed this summer.  The contrast was great, as today’s high temperature was about 15 F (-9.44 C).

The bridge over the Grand River at Loomis Rd In Jackson County, the same view in August and January:



The millpond behind Liberty General Store in Jackson County, summer and winter views.  Water from the millpond spills down to mark the start of the Grand.

gr spider bridge july 24


The Grand begins.  I wonder what would happen if this dam were removed?  See the link to a video of this view, below.


Here you see the ice-choked Grand just downstream from Lowell, as it approaches Grand Rapids.  Compare the river’s width here to the pictures from the Loomis Rd bridge at the top of this post.


20 seconds of relaxation: the beginning of Grand River behind the Liberty General Store in Liberty Township, Jackson County, Michigan.

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