Heading Out Again in the Morning

We are FINALLY getting out on the river tomorrow, God willing and the creek don’t rise. Literally. It’s been raining hard for the past hour and rain is predicted for tomorrow, so there’s always the possibility tomorrow’s paddle will be postponed again. C’mon, Lord; I need this!

We will join up with the Grand River Environmental Action Team’s paddle from Jefferson Rd and US-127 in Liberty Township – south of Jackson proper but still in Jackson County – to where the river crosses under Reed Rd, which should be 2 – 3 hours of paddling. We are glad the GREAT folks chose this portion for their first guided paddle of the season as it is an area we have not yet canoed, although we have been close. The end of this trip will leave us just a couple of manageable paddles from the Loomis Rd bridge over the Grand; we’ve already covered trips 5 – 8, through the beautiful Vandercook Lake chain and into downtown Jackson.

I’ve been looking at other canoe trips which would be fun, trips to look forward to after we have finished canoeing the length of the Grand. As far as American rivers go, I would love to explore the headwaters of the Missouri River, in Montana or the Dakotas. Check out some of the great canoeing opportunities offered on the Missouri here. I’ve never been much of a camper, but we’re never too old to grow and change . . . I believe that.

How cool would it be to canoe the Jordan River, to paddle past the spot where The Baptizer knelt and the dove descended? The Jordan flows through the Sea of Galilea and into the Dead Sea, and it forms the border for, in different locations, Israel, Jordan, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. I’ve read about short floats on the river but wonder if anyone recently traversed it from one end to the other. For political and safety reasons that may not even be possible.

So back to the Grand . . . I went to Cabelas today and bought some waterproof shoes along with a rain pants and a slicker (does anyone use that word anymore?). Rain or shine, I’ve got to get out on the river again.

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