Daylillies in Southern Michigan

July 11, 2017

Tom Writes . . . 

Canoeing in Michigan requires a lot of driving in Michigan, out on the country roads, to get to the canoe launch sites and pull-out sites. As Joe and I drive through these back road places, we see lots of flowers.

And, especially, we see daylilies everywhere, all across the southern part of the state, from Detroit in the east to Grand Haven in the west. These are the large, tall, orange version of daylilies. People plant them in their yards, but these lilies also just seem to grow on their own, and they are lovely this time of year (around the Fourth of July).

Daylilies seem to like to grow along roadsides, out by the country mailboxes, all along the roads. I believe some people cultivate them, but I also believe daylilies just like to spread on their own, and glorify the Michigan countryside.

Please come here, and drive our back roads, and enjoy for yourself. Here is a picture Joe took of some daylilies near his home. I do not have pictures of the beautiful large roadside daylily stands, but I will try to get some such pictures, for my next post.

IMG_0527 (1)





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