McArthur Park in Eaton Rapids: Why We Care

Tom Writes . . . 

August 1, 2017

Gale Road Landing to MacArthur Park

Do you remember that “MacArthur Park,” is my brother Joe’s favorite song? Do you remember that he sings it at the top of his lungs often, while we paddle down the Grand River, even though he is not totally sure about the correct lyrics?

It was a hit back about 1968 CE. Please note, however, that many Americans believe “MacArthur Park” is the worst song ever, worst in the century, silliest, least comprehensible song.

Jim Webb wrote the song, and Richard Harris recorded it. It was a hit. Joe used to own the Richard Harris album, way back when.

Well, my friends, today, Joe and I paddled to a real place named McArthur Park. It is a real place on the right bank of our beloved Grand River, on the outskirts of the lovely river-island town of Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

Part of the lyrics of “MacArthur Park” are:

Someone left the cake out in the rain… All the sweet green icing flowing down…

 So! I brought a great cake from the Nantucket Baking Company. Nantucket made me some great sweet bright green icing. And, I put the green icing on the great cake, flowing down.


We cut into that iconic cake on a picnic table near the outhouse at McArthur Park, and ate! Today. Joe has video and audio of this momentous event. I hope he will post it here.

I don’t think that I can take it

Cause it took so long to bake it

And I’ll never have that recipe again…

 If you are over the age of about 45, you may remember the song, and you may get the joke. If you are younger, or if you just do not get it, sorry. Maybe google the song. But, I am sure Brother Joe will add to this post, and give you a chance to listen, and to make up your own mind about how absolutely hilarious Joe and I really are.

(Editor’s Note: Donna Summers had a disco hit with the song in 1978, but we don’t do no disco, never did. I learned something cool just now, and that is that Waylon Jennings recorded this song, too; you can find it on Youtube. One of the comments says, “Waylon sang the shit out of this song, but Waylon sang the the shit out of everything.” I like that sentiment. To me, Waylon’s version starts strong but fades . . . Richard Harris still the best with this song.)


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2 Responses to McArthur Park in Eaton Rapids: Why We Care

  1. Mark Freeman says:

    sounds like retro porno music…how could you remember *#$$#$#$ music like this !??!

  2. Love the cake….<3 I remember all 3 versions recorded of McCarther Park…:D

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