Who’s the True Patriot?

After extensive consultation with our legal, financial and spiritual advisors we have decided that the Billie V – unlike the DeVos yacht – will sail under the American flag.

Billie V flag pic

In case you missed the news.


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1 Response to Who’s the True Patriot?

  1. No kidding? Well, all I got to say is De Vos is a wack case and we are glad she and her dirt bag family is in the states and not here in Holland! They made their fortunes with blood money and her brother was head one of largest military contractors making tons of money off our hard working tax payers dollars without much effort.
    You guys keep doing what you are doing. Stand up for what you think is right and keep paddling as I fought for that right and many of my friends have died for you to fly the flag and have freedom of speech.

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