Pandemic Paddling and Protests

Joe Writes . . . 

Paddling: My understanding of the current stay-at-home order is that paddling is allowed, while powerboating is not. The problem for us would be that we would not be able to maintain proper social distancing; i.e., we would inevitably find ourselves unable to maintain 6′ spacing. Since we don’t live in the same household, that would be violating the order’s requirements and subject us to (a.) prosecution and a possible $1,000 fine; and, (b.) an increased likelihood of contracting the virus. Neither of those prospects is appealing but I am optimistic that the situation will have eased enough at some point this summer so that we are able to complete our quest. To review, we have paddled from the Grand’s source, south of Jackson, to Ada, just shy of Grand Rapids.

Protests: Yesterday a fairly large protest against the provisions of the stay-at-home order took place in Lansing. Here’s the quickest way to lose my support for your cause: (a.) work the Confederate flag into your agenda; (b.) strap on a semi-automatic rifle for no apparent reason; and, (c.) compare the governor to a Nazi.

I feel bad for those protestors who have legitimate grievances that deserve consideration. A protest  sign reading “Let My People Mow” was clever and could lead to serious discussion of whether it is necessary to prohibit lawn mowing services from operating, but it is difficult to look past the foolishness of Confederate flags, semi-automatic rifles on public property and Nazi name-calling. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

And please, just stop with the Nazi comparisons.  Such references convincingly demonstrate a lack of historical knowledge/understanding and are disrespectful to the memory of the 6,000,000 souls murdered by real Nazis during the Holocaust. Please stop.

Tom writes (supporting Joe)…

Who are these fools who fly Confederate flags in our state of Michigan, for cryin’ out loud?! Michigan is as far north as you can get. We have a proud history of fighting Confederates. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Much less seriously: Joe and I have the same last name, because we are brothers. So… Maybe, if we go canoeing together, and some police person questions us, we could pretend we are married, with the implication that we live together, to avoid the fines? (Joe adds: Tom, if the cops notice we have different addresses we can say we separated for awhile but we’re trying to work it out now.)

Stay healthy and happy!






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