Many Robins So Far, but no Bugs

Tom Writes . . . 


Photo Credit: stolen from the internet

Today, I met my friend Kelly, and we walked along the Grand. The fat brown part of the Grand, above the dams, just north of downtown Grand Rapids. Lovely morning, pale sunshine, not-a-cloud blue heavens, bird sounds, red buds and a few tiny new green leaves.

In the next few days, I will try to scout our remaining route on the Grand from Ada – where left off – through Grand Rapids and then on to Lake Michigan. The doctors finally have cut me loose. I have a wound/incision on my ankle. It caused a major infection, a few months ago. But now, it is just a scab. (Wanna see a picture of it? No.) I officially am allowed to get it wet now, after five months! So, I can canoe. (And can take a normal shower.) Hallelujah!

My Cynthia and I have seen many robins for the past few weeks, more than usual. April is the time of year when robins always return to West Michigan. But the weather has been cold, and I believe they all should have stayed in the South until May at least. What will they eat? It is much too cold for bugs here, now. Probably too cold even for worms.

A couple robins have visited our back porch. They have been landing on top of ourhanging porch light fixtures. One of them has tried twice to make a nest on top of one of the lights, has brought long strings of dry grass and weeds. But, the top of the light seems too slippery for a nest. The breezes blow all the nesting material off, and it falls to our porch floor. I have considered picking it up and trying to smoke it, because I am trying to quit tobacco, but I am not that desperate yet.

They seem to have given up on the nest, today. Good. I am sure they can find a better place. And I hope they find something to eat. Welcome, spring robins!

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