A Brief Photo Essay: the source and the terminus

The Grand near its source in Liberty Township, Jackson County.  With firm footing, a good high school long jumper could clear its width . . . 


The Grand a few miles downstream from the headwaters, little more than a stream here.


Lots of shallow water, we get out and pull a lot in Jackson County.

. . . contrast with the Grand at its mouth, where it empties into Lake Michigan at Grand Haven.


Looking across the Grand towards Dewey Hill in Grand Haven; as kids we hiked there and played on a rope swing which dropped us into the Grand.


Looking down the last stretch of the Grand, to where it empties into Lake Michigan. Great Lakes freighters travel this part of the river, so it’s deep and wide.


You’ll not find pretty girls like this lining the banks of the Grand near its source. Granddaughter Natalie is amazed at the size and number of boats on the river.

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