Trump Wins Along the Grand, too

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Joe Writes . . . 

Michigan’s Grand River runs through seven counties.  Those counties – listed in order from the river’s source to its terminus – are Jackson, Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Ionia, Kent and Ottawa Counties.

In the Presidential Election of 2016, Donald Trump won six of those seven counties.  Trump received 50% of the votes in the counties along the Grand, as opposed to the 48% he received while winning statewide.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, received 44% of the votes cast in counties along the Grand; statewide, Clinton received 47% of the votes cast.  Third-party candidates did slightly better along the Grand than statewide, 6% vs. 5%.

The only county on the river to give the majority of its votes to Hillary Clinton was Ingham – home to Lansing, Michigan’s capital – where Clinton garnered 61% of the vote.  Trump drew 33% of Ingham County’s vote while other candidates, largely the Libertarian and Green Parties, registered 6% of the total votes.

Both Ionia and Ottawa Counties gave Trump 62% of the vote for President, his best showings along the river.

Sharing a name with a county did not translate into increased votes.  In Clinton County, Hillary Clinton received only 41% of the votes cast for President.  Clinton County is named for DeWitt Clinton (1769 – 1829).  DeWitt Clinton was a United States Senator from New York and also served as Governor of that state.  He is credited with being the driving force behind the construction of the Erie Canal.


DeWitt Clinton, no doubt puzzling over some aspect of the Erie Canal.

Source for vote totals:

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2 Responses to Trump Wins Along the Grand, too

  1. Tom says:

    The inhabitants of the Billie V. did not follow the Trump trend. At least 50% of us went for Clinton.

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